Give Notes

For recipients of Give Soaps, one of the most touching aspects of the gift is the note that comes with it, expressing why you chose to give that soap to that person.  Whether a brief note or a long epistle written in medieval English (or any language for that matter), we'll print it on our custom stationery and include it in your gift.  

If you are ordering multiple soaps and having them shipped to you so you can personally give them as gifts, you can request that custom round Give Notes be sent to you (see picture below).

Please note that you must choose to view your Cart instead of going straight to Checkout if you want to take advantage of this feature.  If you forget, you can always email us your note at with your order number in the subject line and we'll take care of it.   

Here is an example of a letter a Give Soaper wrote:

My dearest Jamie,

I am sending you these "Empty Gestures of a Different Kind" as a part of your birthday present because not only have I used these pretty extraordinary soaps, but also because of the meaning attached to each one's design and contents. 

I send you two CONTRACORRIENTES because we’ve both always had the courage to go against the status quo, me as a writer and you as a female in a male dominated career.  

I send you two PICONAS because they too represent how all isn't quite going quite as planned for you.  I hope you can celebrate all the unknown blessings that are coming your way.  

The IDENTITY soap is for the wholistic person you are striving to become, and because it’s important to keep asking questions during that process. LUNANDO is for the mysterious female cycle that I hope will bestow you with its millennial wisdom.  SHE'S A GOOD JUKE BOX for all the fun yet to come your way.  BOY KELLY and THE ACTIVATED JOE for all the young men yet to conquer your heart.  Lastly,  INDRA'S NET, because mothering can come from anywhere in the universe and from any person, and you know I view you as a daughter.   THE FAR INDIAS represents me and the wonder and gratitude I feel at how we embrace each other as friends.

I love you dearest Jamie for the friend and daughter you are to me,