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  • the needs of our earth,

  • and the transmutation of karma.

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  • for young ones

  • for mothers

  • for lunar cycles

  • . . . . for courage

  • for him

  • for friend

  • for fathers

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Give Soap, a creation of prolific interdisciplinary mover-and-shaker, Constanza Ontaneda, is a gift to both giver and recipient, and a celebration of the ritual significance of gift giving. Soaps by Give Soap offer an exquisite aesthetic experience for all the senses from first sight and smell through last touch. Inspired by Zen Buddhism, and the social ethics and personal history of the creator, the resonant stories that attend each soap add significance to the gift, and help the giver find (at least one!) appropriate soap for any chosen recipient and occasion.

Joshua Krugman

Bread and Puppet Theater

Give Soaps are a gift to the heart, from the heart. I have been gifting them to family, friends, and my most esteemed clients for years. The aesthetic and sensuality sensitively infused in each of these custom soaps is always appreciated and loved by both giver and receiver. These soaps serve as a conduit for intimacy, bringing us together through our senses, through stories and imagery. Thank you, Constanza, for your generous and colorful vision.

Polly Horne, Architect

Polyarch Studio