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    By donating 100% of proceeds from THE FAR INDIAS (in honor of Senator Kamala Harris' nomination for Vice President) and THE ACTIVATED JOE (in honor of Vice President Joe Biden's nomination for President), Give Soap raised and donated $2,448 for the Democratic Party Campaign until election day. Together, we did it. Thank you to all who supported the campaign.

  •                                                    for Oops!

                                            Like, our current reality.

  •               I helped get Joe Biden elected.

  • for that other kind of guy

    shower (yes I did) the people who support you with love

  • for infants and children 

    online school calls for relaxation, perhaps even a bubble bath

  • for friends

    masked, zoomed, or distanced 

    we'd be nowhere without 'em

  • for nasty (read: powerful) women

    wake up witches, and heal the world

  •                   for queers

    LGBTTQQIAAP say whaaaaaaaaaat

  • .


    for questions

    we all got a lot of those right now 

  • I helped get KAMALA HARRIS elected

  • for moms

    put simply: you rule, we love you, and hang in there,

    online school will end soon