Climate Change

Could a business be in harmony with our earth?

Constanza (that's the founder) didn't know...

but she'd try her best.

She made Give Soap 100% vegan.

She chose olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil as the primary and only fats. They are superior in quality and price to most of the fats used in handmade or commercial soaps—the cheaper fats are more damaging to the environment. 

She chose Radix Media as Give Soap's primary printer. It is a worker-owned and operated union print shop in Brooklyn, New York. For Give Soap, that meant a lot of things.

It meant going local. 

It meant going eco-friendly. They (and therefore we) use 100% post-consumer recycled paper whenever possible, low-VOC inks in their presses, and dampening systems that are free of alcohol.

In short...

She made every aspect of Give Soap dissolve, disappear, or recycle.

For reals - every single aspect. 

Talk about redefining "it's the gesture that counts".

Give the Gift of Cleansing Karma.