Let's face it...

Gifting gets a bad rap.

And it's not for nothing...rampant materialism, disaster capitalism, empty gestures...need I continue?

And so, unfortunately, people who like receiving gifts are sometimes viewed as materialistic, frivolous and shallow. Hey...that may be the case. But, in my experience, it's often not. Usually these people care about the effort that went into the gift. The right gift makes this type of person feel seen, understood, appreciated.  

In fact—again, my experience!—give the wrong gift to this type of person and they'll be furious. For reals. 


Depending on their emotional maturity they'll show it or hide it (good luck!). They'd rather not have gotten anything than have gotten the wrong gift. 

What is a wrong gift?

Expense is of no consequence. It could be handmade or cost millions, that's not the point. The point is how much you know them, how well you understand them, how much you appreciate them, how thoroughly you listened to them...and how well your gift expresses that. 

Figure out your loved ones' Love Language. Love them the way they like to be loved. Give Soap was founded for those types of people. 

Thankfully, you can indeed ship meaning. 

Give the Gift of Cleansing Karma