Boy Kelly  getting ready for a birthday party at Black Forest Brooklyn.


Give Soap is the perfect parting gift for your meaningful event. Below are some of our gift-giving suggestions. To order, contact us at

Because of the nature of soapmaking, we ask for six weeks notice. If you are unable to give this much notice, please contact us anyway and we will do our best to accommodate you. Prices may vary depending on the quantity ordered.   

The Activated Joe, Boy Kelly and Flor Que Se Iza are recommended for any event involving a friend or family member who embodies the qualities of these soaps. If you think: "gosh, that soap was just made for him", that's a sure sign.

Samsara was created for the celebration of infants or children.

Lunando can be given at any event involving girls and women in celebration of the feminine and its connection to the moon.  I imagine it in a celebration of a girl's first menstruation cycle, the celebration of a woman entering her menopause years, the celebration of a women's circle, and more.

Contracorriente is recommended for events involving those who consider themselves lgbtq. I imagine it in bridal showers, weddings, birthday celebrations, coming out celebrations, and memorial services.

El Diplomático would make an ideal gift for events involving fathers.

Identity goes with events that involve deep discussion of any type.

Indra's Net can be given at any event involving mothers.

The Far Indias was created with farewell parties and welcome-back celebrations in mind. I also imagine it at school and college sendoff parties. 

Picona is for surprise celebrations.

Chelita goes with pretty much any celebration; I imagine it at family get-togethers.

She's a Good Jukebox can be given in celebrations where music is a guest of honor.