Boy Kelly  getting ready for a birthday party at Black Forest Brooklyn.

It was a most precious event...

They wanted everyone to leave with a meaningful memento...

But what? 

When they celebrated that man, oh, that man, they chose The Activated Joe 

When they celebrated the love of their lives, they chose Boy Kelly 

When they celebrated their friend, their friend friend, they chose Flor Que Se Iza 

When they celebrated their young one, they chose Samsara 

When they celebrated the beginning of one cycle and the end of another, they chose Lunando 

When they celebrated that LGBTQIA human being, they chose Contracorriente 

When they celebrated that father figure, they chose El Diplomático 

When they celebrated that deep spiritual commitment, they chose Identity 

When they celebrated that mother figure, they chose Indra's Net 

When they celebrated their departure and then when they welcomed them back, they chose The Far Indias 

When they had that surprise celebration, they chose Picona 

When they threw that epic dance party, they chose Chelita 

When they celebrated her, just as she is, they chose She's a Good Jukebox more thing...

real talk

Soap takes a while to cure. 

So...please give us as much notice as you can before your event. 

Also, depending on how many soaps you order, we could work different pricing out. 

Give the Gift of Cleansing Karma.